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Buying Barcodes for Amazon And Other Online Merchants

If you are selling your products on Amazon you will need a UPC or EAN barcode

Our barcodes are authorized and guaranteed to be accepted on all of Amazon.com websites.

Listing on Amazon generally requires the following:

  • UPC or EAN Barcode Number
  • Your Item Description
  • Your Item Price
  • Photo of the item you are selling

Amazon will in turn take this information and enter it into their seller database,
And assign their own inventory number(ASIN)
Once Amazon approves your listing it will be shown on Amazon.com

***A Note On Amazon's "New" Barcode Policy***

There has been a lot of information/ misinformation regarding Amazon's "new" acceptance policy regarding UPC/EAN barcodes purchased to list products on their website.

Based on our customer feedback and information from Amazon this is what we know.

1)Amazon is now checking GS1's database to ensure that the barcodes you submit are valid barcode numbers

Valid meaning that when Amazon checks your barcode number it has a record in GS1's database.

A "fake" or randomly made up barcode number will not have a record in GS1's database.

What Amazon is not doing based on our customer feedback is rejecting your barcode numbers if the name in GS1's database does not match your name or company name.

2)What Amazon has also been doing is cracking down on vendors who attempt to list "Branded" products

For example:

Say you have a pair of Nike socks that you purchased and want to sell them on Amazon When you go to list the Nike socks on Amazon and use a barcode number that does not match the original barcode as issued by Nike, Amazon is rejecting the listing.

These are the examples of the "new" Amazon barcode policy.

Based on what we know to be true, we still offer our guarantee that the barcodes you purchase will be accepted by Amazon, as long as the product itself meets Amazon's standards.

Other factors to consider when listing on Amazon

If Amazon is shipping for you from their warehouse
Known as FBA "Fulfillment By Amazon".
Then you will need to print labels of your UPC or EAN numbers and apply them to your items packaging.

We provide print ready UPC or EAN barcode image files at both our Legal Barcodes website,

Selling at your local retailer?

They will probably ask you to supply a UPC or EAN barcode number for your products.

Most of the store registers used today have barcode readers to quickly show the price and description of an item.

How Do I Obtain a UPC or EAN Code?

There are two ways. One is to pay the registration fee and yearly dues to join GS1 (formerly UCC) and if accepted, you will be issued a manufacturer ID number and then you assign your own product numbers and create symbols to apply to your goods. The other is to buy one or many preassigned product numbers and symbols bearing the manufacturer ID number owned by Legal Barcodes at a low one time cost for a fraction of the GS1 price.


Initial and Renewal Fees:

You have indicated that your company has a total U.S. annual gross sales revenue of $250,000.00 in U.S. dollars. The globally unique GS1 Company Prefix licensed to your company will enable you to identify 20 products and services, 1 locations and assets.

Based on your company's annual revenue and requested capacity, we have calculated the following fees:

Your company's initial membership fee is: $1,500.00

Your annual license renewal fee will be: $150.00

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice.

Your application will be processed in 1 business day upon receipt of your payment.

Shortly before the end of your first year, an annual license renewal fee will be invoiced to your company. Full payment is required to continue use of your licensed GS1 Company Prefix (used to create U.P.C. bar codes and your Partner Connections membership benefits).

If you anticipate the need for additional capacity in the future, you may want to request a GS1 Company prefix with a greater capacity now. If necessary, please indicate the change below.

Prefix Capacity Initial Fee Expected Annual Renewal Fee

  • 1 to 100 $1,500 $150
  • 101 to 1,000 $1,500 $475

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice.

Refund Policy:

To apply for a refund, you must send a written request to GS1 US within 30 days from the submission of your application. Your refund request will be considered only if you have not used the GS1 Company Prefix licensed to your company. You must return your Member Kit and resource material along with your written statement declaring that you have not used your licensed GS1 Company Prefix. A $250 administrative processing fee is charged for all refund requests. Contact the GS1 US Customer Service Team at +1 937.435.3870 or info@gs1us.org if you have any questions.

All reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the assignment and licensing of duplicate GS1 Company Prefixes. If duplicate numbers are assigned, the liability of GS1 US shall be limited to a refund of the applicant's initial membership fee.

Will The UPC or EAN Barcode I Buy Be Registered With GS1?

There is not one barcode in the world that is registered with GS1. GS1 does not generate UPC Numbers. What GS1 does is assign and keep track of manufacturer ID numbers (the first group of numbers). It is up to the user of that manufacturer/product number to relay the product number (the next group of numbers - the last digit is a check digit) to the retailer.

When you receive your UPC or EAN barcode number from Legal Barcodes you control that specific number. If you discontinue one product, you may re-use your UPC or EAN number on another product BUT you must pass on this information to the retailer.

In other words,
YOU, are the owner of that number and are responsible for it's proper use.

How Can You Sell Me a Single Number?

We purchased our manufactures number in the early 90's when there were no strings attached to reselling UPC or EAN barcodes based on assigned manufacturers numbers. ยง
It was unique to our company and became part of our assets.
Currently all manufacturers numbers assigned by GS1, remain GS1's property and the user must pay yearly dues to retain those numbers.

How Soon After Payment Can I Expect My Number?

You can expect to receive your UPC or EAN Number within a matter of minutes.


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