Where & How to Buy Barcodes for Amazon Online (2022)

Instantly purchase UPC/EAN Barcodes and use on Amazon in minutes!

All of the barcodes we sell at LegalBarcode.com work on Amazon!

Firstly, you’ll want to determine how many barcodes you need.  You will need 1 unique UPC number per product, which means 1 unique barcode per product.  If you have 10 units of the same product, 1 barcode printed 10 times onto each piece will suffice.  If you have 5 colors of a T-Shirt, this means you’ll need 5 unique codes.

After you’ve determined how many codes you’ll need, then you’re ready to get your products ready to sell online!

The next step is to purchase your codes.  The GS1 issues prefixes which enable sellers to generate codes for their products – all of the codes we sell are from the GS1.  Since we joined the GS1 before 2002, we are able to buy codes in bulk and sell them to companies worldwide without renewal fees, which we have been doing for 11+ years.  This is why the GS1 is significantly more expensive than the codes on LegalBarcode.  All of our codes work exactly as you’d receive from the GS1, and satisfy all of Amazon’s requirements.  You can buy barcodes here from us, receive them instantly, and use them within minutes.

Once you purchase your barcodes from LegalBarcode.com, you will receive your barcodes immediately at checkout and they will be emailed to you as well.  The next step is to create your listing on Amazon.

Buy BarcodesIt is recommended you create your listing on Amazon prior to labeling your item, and you can create your listing in a couple minutes following the simple steps below.  Your listing will be active and live shortly after, and you can modify listing details anytime you want in the future.

This page serves as a guide on how barcodes are used on Amazon.

Barcodes are used to help identify stock and inventory at Amazon.  If you fulfill by Amazon and ship your product to Amazon, Amazon requires that every item has a barcode on it.  This way when the shipment arrives at Amazon’s warehouse, they can scan the items into inventory and track which units and the quantity of each product into their system.  And when an item is sold, they can be scanned again showing they leave the warehouse.

A barcode is simply a visual representation of a UPC or EAN code, which is a 12 or 13 digit number that uniquely identifies the product (Unique Product Code).  When you order from us, you will receive the codes along with the barcode of each code you purchase.  You can purchase as many as you like, some customers buy just one, others customers buy tens of thousands at a time.

The first step is to create your listing on Amazon, which requires you to fill out a few required fields such as the Product Name, Brand, and UPC/EAN number (which you purchase from us).  To create your listing, login to your account at Seller Central and click on the Inventory > Add a ProductEnsure the item doesn’t already exist on Amazon. Under the “List a new product” section, click on “If it is not in Amazon’s catalog: Create a new product listing“.  After selecting the appropriate category, you can fill in all the requires fields on ALL of the tabs. Note: you can change the info later on.  At the bottom of the “Vital Info” tab, you’ll see Product ID.  This is where you select UPC and enter in the 12 digit UPC code that you purchased from us.

Once the listing is created, you can go back to the Inventory tab of your seller account, and select Manage Inventory.  This will show you the listing you created along with all your other listings (if you have them).  Select the listing you created by checking on the box to the left, and then at the top left of the page under “Action on 1 selected” click on that and select Print Item Label.  Here you can select the size you’d like to use, and Amazon will generate a barcode and FNSKU for you.  You can put this barcode on your item, or you can use the barcode we provided.  Amazon recommends, after creating the listing for your item using the codes we provide, that you print the Item Label from Amazon.

Note: After you purchase your barcode, the first step is to create the listing.  Once the listing is created, you can then label your product.  Don’t label your product before creating the listing!

Once your product(s) is labeled, you can select the product in the Inventory Manager and select Send/Replenish Inventory.  This will lead you through the shipment wizard which will enable you to get box labels for your shipment so Amazon can receive your inventory in a fast and efficient manner.

And that’s it! Your listing will be live in no time and sales will hopefully roll in! Amazon’s annual revenue for 2018 was $232.887B, a 30.93% increase from 2017 (?).  2019 was even larger, and 2020 will likely be the largest yet.  Amazon is a huge opportunity, and we’re glad to help you get your listing live and off the ground.  We wish you success!

Have any further questions? Checkout our FAQ.  If you still can’t find your answer, contact us, we’re glad to help.

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