Ultimate Guide to Buying Barcodes (2020)

If you’re going to sell a product online or offline in 2020, a barcode is required to identify the product, hold it in inventory, register it at stores, and measure sales.  Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, eBay, Macy’s, and all other stores require a UPC/EAN code in order to create a listing in their store, where they register the product information and specifications to the UPC/EAN code.  This UPC/EAN code is then converted into a barcode, which can be a wide variety of formats.

Myths of Barcodes

There is a lot of information about UPCs, barcodes, and Amazon circulating the internet which is not true.  Legal Barcodes has been serving this industry for 11+ years and we sell to product owners daily, including those who sell on Amazon, Walmart, and Macy’s.  These companies all require GS1 compliant codes, and rightfully so.  The GS1 has been around for decades and is the leading non-profit for issuing codes.

In 2002, the UCC lost a class action lawsuit which enabled all prefix owners pre-2002 to keep their prefixes under the previous terms without renewal fees, maintenance fees, or other miscellaneous fees.  The UCC was later renamed to the GS1 which it is known by today, and still follows a similar line of business.  Thousands of companies had purchased millions of codes pre-2002 and did not use them, hence enabling them to be used indefinitely at a fraction of the cost of the current GS1 codes.

As a result of these, we are able to sell you authentic, global GS1 codes at prices significantly lower than the prices at the GS1, which work exactly the same, except no renewal fees.  They work great on Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, and anywhere else GS1 codes are used, which is everywhere on the planet.

Contrary to popular advice online, you are not required to purchase UPC/EAN codes or barcodes from the GS1 directly.  They are not the only place that issues codes legally, and barcodes can be sold by companies like ours as we abide by the standard used by retailers worldwide.  We sell to many sellers daily and have worked with tens of thousands of sellers over the years.

All of the barcodes we sell are unique to you and your company, are GS1 authentic codes, and come with a satisfaction guarantee that they will work for your selling needs.  We sell millions of barcodes every year to sellers like you, from individual sellers, to small business, to big corporations.  We offer custom formats and sizes to your needs, technical support, and are here to serve you with your order.  Most of the ordering process is automatic which means you receive your barcodes immediately after making the purchase, 24 hours a day.

Our FAQ page answers the most common questions, but we’d like to address some specific questions below.

Are My Barcodes Compliant with Amazon as of 2020?

Yes, absolutely.  We guarantee they will work on Amazon or 100% money back.  We’re glad to help with any issues you may have.

Where can you buy barcodes?

There are many sellers on the internet, with prices and reputation varying widely.  Many sellers have been reviewed as issuing used codes, others selling for prices 15 times higher than ours at LegalBarcode.com.  We stand by our reputation by offering support with every order, the lowest prices online, instant delivery, and our money back guarantee.  If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your order, reach out to us and we’re glad to help and will refund you 100%.

Will I have to pay any renewal fees likes the GS1 charges?

No, because we owned prefixes pre-2002, all of our codes last indefinitely and require no additional fees like the codes from the GS1 today.  We can issue these codes to any company worldwide and they will last forever.

How does my barcode store my product information?

Each place you sell has their own database where they manage inventory stock, SKUs, product specifications and variety, and more.  Therefore, once the product has been registered where you plan to sell, it will then show up when scanned.  But until you register it with where you plan to sell, it will not show up on the scanner.  As your product gets distributed across the world into new places, often vendors and distributors will share the product info and barcode info which enables it to be scanned around the world.  We recommend after purchasing setting up your product information with your first vendor right away.  If it is on Amazon, you can do it within minutes.  You can also add your product information to your barcode at this service here, which is free and only takes a few seconds.