Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Barcode?

A barcode is a digital representation of a UPC or EAN code.  They are used to provide a unique identifier to products all over the world so companies can track inventory and sales.  They can be scanned such that the product information can be located on the product and easily scanned in/out of inventory and at checkout.

How Many Barcodes Do I Need?

You need 1 barcode per unique item.  So if you have 2 colors and 3 sizes of each color of your product, you will need a total of 6 codes.  Once you have those 6 codes, you can sell thousands or millions of each variation with the codes you purchased.  There are no renewal fees and are guaranteed to work.

How Does Information Get Linked to My Barcode?

There is no information actually stored or encrypted in a barcode. When you go to sell your product at a store, that store will have you fill out a product information form. On that form is where you will put your company and product details as well as your 12-digit UPC barcode number. The store then manually enters that information into their inventory management computer. This way, when they scan your barcode at the register, it calls up that form in their system. In other words, the barcode is simply a link between your product and the product information form you fill out for each store that sells your product.

How long until I receive my order?

You receive your order instantly at checkout where you can download and use your barcodes right away!

What’s Included in My Order?

-Your Barcodes Delivered Instantly at Checkout!

-UCC/GS1 Compliant UPC/EAN Codes!

-No Hidden Fees or Renewal Fees & No Expiration Date of Your Barcodes

-Accredited A+ By The Better Business Bureau, in Business 11+ Years!

-Your Barcodes – in PNG Format (EPS, SVG, PDF, and more if needed)!

-Certificate of Authenticity for Proof of Ownership (Upon Request)!

-Technical Support with Your Order!

– 15 Day Money Back Guarantee, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You will be able to download the UPC/EANs from your order, as well as formats: PNG, PDF, TIFF, and JPG of your barcode(s). All of the codes are UCC/GS1 compliant.  We will support you with any issues you have.  Using the UPCs/EANs from your order, you can generate various formats and sizes on this free barcode generate here.  We can also issue a certificate of authenticity upon request.

Do these Barcodes Work With Amazon?

Yes, all of our barcodes (with UPCs and EANs) work with Amazon without issue.  We sell to Amazon sellers daily and have for the past 10+ years.  When creating your listing, simple enter the code(s) you purchased from us in the UPC section of the listing in the “Product Identifier” field.

Are the Barcodes Unique to Me?

Yes, every code you purchase from us is assigned directly to your company and is yours for life.  They are guaranteed to be unique to you and you only.

Where can my barcodes be used?

They can be used worldwide, at any retailer such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.  It is best practice to register your barcode with your vendor shortly after purchase prior to labeling your products.  This ensures everything register smoothly prior to labeling products.  Registering your product information with your vendor is as simple as asking them what information is needed, giving them the UPC number that comes with your barcode, along with your product information.  We also recommend entering your barcode numbers and product information into the UPC Database here. There is no cost for this service, and it allows you to promote your products online, as well as associate your barcode numbers with your company while your vendor processes your information.

How do I obtain a UPC or EAN code?

You can purchase directly on our website at  Checkout only takes a minute and the codes are issued at checkout instantly and can be used right away.

Will The UPC or EAN Barcode I Buy Be Registered With GS1?

There is not one barcode in the world that is registered with GS1. GS1 does not generate UPC Numbers. What GS1 does is assign and keep track of manufacturer ID numbers (the first group of numbers). It is up to the user of that manufacturer/product number to relay the product number (the next group of numbers – the last digit is a check digit) to the retailer.

When you receive your UPC or EAN barcode number from Legal Barcodes you control that specific number. If you discontinue one product, you may re-use your UPC or EAN number on another product BUT you must pass on this information to the retailer.

In other words, you are the owner of that number and are responsible for it’s proper use.

How Can You Sell Me a Single Number?

We purchased our manufactures number in the early 90’s when there were no strings attached to reselling UPC or EAN barcodes based on assigned manufacturers numbers. It was unique to our company and became part of our assets. Currently all manufacturers numbers assigned by GS1, remain GS1’s property and the user must pay yearly dues to retain those numbers.

We heard you had a Square store, is this true?

Yes, we have our original Square store active here which you can order cheap barcodes on as well.

Other Notes:

Legal Barcode is a legitimate barcode number issuer.

All of the barcode numbers sells were originally issued by the UCC (Uniform Code Council), known today as GS1, and were issued prior to August 28, 2002. That date is important because that’s when GS1 started sending out renewal notices demanding that past prefix holders pay renewal fees and agree to the new terms and conditions. Eventually, a class action suit was filed against GS1, in the State of Washington, and GS1 lost. All prefix owners prior to August 28, 2002 became discharged from any GS1’s renewal fees and a new codified agreement. The settlement agreement indicates that if a prefix holder paid a membership fee to the UCC prior to August 28, 2002, the prefix holder will be entitled to perpetual membership in the UCC and not be obligated to pay annual renewal fees to the UCC, either now or in the future. Also, the Terms and Conditions of the original ownership agreement with the prefix holder and the UCC, was deemed null and void. All of the barcodes sold by are included in the terms and conditions as stated above and therefore, all of our barcodes are legal and legitimate.

This means that while there are higher prices and yearly renewal fees at the GS1 today, we can sell GS1 codes without renewal fees.  Any barcodes you purchase from us are guaranteed to be issued only to you and you own them for life, with no renewal fees or other hidden fees.  We take pride in our service and are here to serve you.

We offer the lowest prices for barcode numbers on the Internet.

We have a vast amount of barcode numbers in our inventory and we feel that they should be priced low enough that everyone can afford them.  The other companies have a limited amount of numbers; therefore, they charge as much as they can for the ones they have because once they sell out they’re done.

Your barcodes will never expire.

There’s no expiration date.  They will always belong to you.

There’s no renewal fees.

You pay for your barcodes once and that’s it.  There are no additional fees and no hidden costs.

There’s no registration needed.

No product information is needed.

You do not have to tell us what products you will be assigning your barcodes to. keeps an up-to-date database of all divided barcode prefixes to ensure than no barcode numbers are ever duplicated.

Information such as the name that the barcodes are transferred to, purchaser’s name, company name, address, telephone number, email address, and any other pertinent information.

We have sold over 10 million barcodes to over 100,000 customers so far.
We guarantee our numbers with a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you experience any issues, please contact us and we will help you immediately.

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Have any other questions? Please reach out to us, we’re glad to help.